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Though, it was said that mold causes serious health conditions there are no direct proof yet that mold really produced toxins that causes pulmonary hemorrhage in babies but there are conditions that link molds to some serious lung problem and allergies in infants and adults too. It’s very important to get rid of molds in your home, especially if you are thinking that someone in the family is having a reaction to it. It’s best to conduct testing at once to know the severity of the problem and to get rid of molds right away. Mold can be really creepy and there are health effects that it may bring to your family later on. Molds are aggressive because of the spores that it emits into your home.
Mold is also known as fungus that produces small spores that acts like seeds to them. Mold can be found in every home though they are considered as unwelcomed guests they can penetrate into the air that you breathe and in most parts of the house that are moist and dark. Sometimes, molds are hiding on the walls, shower caps, kitchen sink, and carpets too. Molds look like blotches in black, yellowish, and green. There are different types of molds that can be found in a home and if you will do testing you will find out if you need to treat your home and if there may be a risk that your family is facing too.


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Molds are fungi that come from the growth of invisible spores. It can be found both outdoors and indoors. Moisture makes molds grow. Molds grow most in damp areas of your house such as the toilet and kitchen. Mold in a home concerns homeowners for it can cause health problems, especially black mold exposure. Sensitive people can have allergic reactions to molds. They can experience flu symptoms such as sneezing, red eyes and runny nose. Some have even reported to have skin rashes. These allergic symptoms can happen immediately after exposure or delayed. Mold exposure is also sometimes associated to asthma attacks. There have been continuous studies about the possible effects of mold to one’s health, as there are people who also experience irritation on their skin, nose, eyes, throat and lungs related to mold inhalation. 
Exposure to toxic black mold concerns most homeowners for it can cause more serious problems especially to those who have existing respiratory problems and people with a weak immune system. This can be prevented if you will allow us to do the mold test and clean the HVAC system at the same time. Cleaning it will get rid of the molds that thrive in your home. We are in the industry for years now and we have been handling similar cases. We are not just into residential HVAC cleaning, but we are also handling commercial and industrials. We have technicians who have been taking care of the HVAC systems of our loyal clients. Be a part of us and call us up to solve your molds and HVAC cleaning concerns.